New Styles from Texstyle

Our roller shade fabric offering is large and diverse. With fabrics for both commercial and residential markets, we have a wide variety of textures, opacities, and colors. 

We keep an eye on the textile and interior design trends and strive to introduce fabrics that play to current market interest. Right now we’re seeing lots of demand for styles that come in both light filtering as well as blackout, and also textured blackouts. 

The new styles below represent our latest additions and we’re quite excited about them. 


Balmoral new colors

Available in both light filtering and blackout, Balmoral is one of our top selling styles and we are excited to introduce three new colors. 

The Balmoral color palette is neutral, so we set out to find a subtle way of bringing some color into the offering. Our goal was to infuse hints of color that could be brought out with colored décor items. 

Platinum introduces shades of blue, Chrome introduces shades of green, and Armour introduces shades of copper. 

Learn more about Balmoral Light Filtering and Blackout



A sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge, a space that evokes a sense of harmony and calm. 

Sanctuary is a blackout fabric with a textured appearance.  The color palette is a modern neutral that comes across as soothing and serene. 

Seek haven with the Sanctuary blackout collection. 



Delicate yarns intricately woven give rise to Jersey, a fabric collection inspired by more traditional textile design methods. 

Simple yet sophisticated, Jersey's earthy color palette and texture complements a broad spectrum of décors and interior spaces. 

Available in both Light Filtering and Blackout, Jersey allows you to select the privacy level needed for your space. 

Explore Jersey Light Filtering and Blackout

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