The Difference Between Light Filtering and Blackout Shade Fabric

Introducing the new and improved Mesa collection, now available in a beautiful assortment of soft, neutral colors in both Light Filtering and Blackout. 

Which is right for you?

Thinking about the room you are building a shade for will help you determine the best fabric to use. Is privacy important or would you rather take advantage of natural light? Are you concerned with reducing glare or are you looking to have complete darkness?

Both light filtering and blackout fabrics can assist with energy savings in different ways.

Read on to learn the benefits of each.

Benefits of a Light Filtering Shade

Light filtering shades allow diffused light to enter the room, giving your space more of a glow. Use of a light filtering shade can brighten the room and reduce the need for artificial lighting, saving on electricity while creating a perfect backdrop for residential and commercial spaces. 

Light filtering fabrics come in varying degrees of view through. Mesa Light Filtering maintains privacy while allowing some natural light into the room, making it a good choice for those wishing to protect furniture, carpeting, and other treasured items from harmful UV rays without using a blackout shade.

Benefits of a Blackout Shade

Blackout fabric will completely prevent UV rays from entering the home, keeping rooms cooler during the summer, and protecting furnishings from fading due to UV rays.

Blackout roller shades are perfect for a bedroom, where a calming dark environment is needed for a good night’s sleep. A blackout shade is a great choice for parents with infants or professionals who work night shifts and may need to sleep when the sun is still shining. The same holds true in a hospitality setting where travelers may be jet-lagged and seeking sleep between daytime hours.

Hanging a blackout shade in a media room eliminates glare on the screen, allowing you to have the ultimate theater experience at any time of day in a room with windows.

Design Considerations

Both light filtering and blackout shades each have their advantages. A great solution is a dual shade which allows you to include both a light filtering and blackout fabric on the same window. The Rollease Acmeda Skyline Dual or Aero Dual systems are a great option to provide the best of both worlds.

If your focus is on natural light while maintaining privacy, look for a fabric that is considered translucent. If your focus is on natural light and there is no privacy concern, look for a fabric that is considered transparent.

If you are studying, reading, or entertaining in a room with blackout shades, you may want to open the shades or add an additional light source such as a lamp.  

In a traditional roller shade, a blackout fabric may not make a room 100% dark, but it will make it almost completely dark at any time of day. Only a shade utilizing a side-channel will assure complete darkness.

Light Filtering & Blackout Collections

The Texstyle fabric offering includes Mesa Light Filtering and Blackout but also a wide variety of blackout and light filtering fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns, suitable for commercial and residential applications. Explore the full range of specialty designer fabrics here or view all matching light filtering and blackout collections here

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