A Decade Of Global Sustainability

Businesses and countries all over the world are focusing on how their goals and regulations effect climate change. The UN Secretary-General calls now through 2030 the Decade of Action for Sustainable Development Goals. These sustainability breakthroughs and promises are transpiring all around, especially here at Texstyle. We have made it our priority to contribute to the good of tomorrow by offering fabrics and packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials and more. 


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New Release: Texstyle's Tusk Collection

Texstyle's Tusk Collection connects your interior space to the subtle palette of America's vast landscapes.

Tusk Light Filtering offers privacy while still allowing natural ambient light into your space. Tusk Blackout features a color-matched back making it ideal for open roll sytems.

From textured earth tones to the rich, warm colors of weathered sandstone cliffs, Tusk window coverings provide comfort and harmony to every space.